What is HSE OG-0086 (Operational Guidance)

HSE Operational Guidance (OG-0086)

HSE Operational Guidance documents are the internal instructions and guidance that HSE uses to carry out its core operational work of inspecting, investigating, permissioning and enforcing.

The guidance is presented in essentially in the same way as it is made available to HSE staff but with some additional explanation for an external audience.

OG-86 is the HSE’s guidance and interpretation of standards on industrial network, system and data security, and functional safety as they relate to major accident workplaces and operators of essential services.

The guidance will be applied by HSE Inspectors to:

This guidance could help demonstrate that appropriate and proportionate measures have been taken to control cyber security risks of systems that are often termed Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS), or Industrial Control Systems (ICS) or Operational Technology (OT).

Cyber Security Risk Management Training

Our Cyber Security Risk Management (CSRM) training course is designed to help you understand and implement the requirements of OG-86 (together with other relevant standards and guidelines) and our Cyber Security Surveys and Risk Assessments are designed to help you comply with OG86 and to meet the requirements of the regulator.

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