Specialist OT Cyber Security Consultants

=Method Cyber Security Consultancy is always customised to the client’s needs. Our approach is based on international standards and, in particular, the guidance recently issued by the UK HSE, with whom we are working to further develop their guidance to UK industry.

OT Cyber Security Survey

The =Method Cyber Security Survey is a combination of workshop and risk assessment – designed to “get you started” on the journey towards properly understanding the kind of cyber threats your business faces and what you can do protect against those threats. This is not a “full” cyber risk assessment, but a first step on the road towards beginning such an assessment.

Together we will develop an understanding of your business, the “assets” that need to be protected, the nature of possible threats and then identifying simple steps that can be implemented easily to improve cyber security, based on an understanding of those assets and threats.

OT Cyber Security Assessment

The =Method Cyber Security Assessment is an in-depth assessment by Asset. Information to follow.
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Functional Safety

=Method also provides Functional Safety Consultancy, Training and Certification services. Visit www.methodfs.com for more information.

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